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Rapid Sales Recovery

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Many SMEs have at the moment a sales revenue problem mostly due to the challenges that have been brought about by the pandemic.

The brutal fact is that we will have to reset and redouble our sales efforts. This doesn’t mean doing more of what we have been doing, it means re-thinking what we are selling, how we are selling, and to whom. That is the only way to find and realise opportunities in the current conditions.

Waiting for the phone to ring or a lead to come in and not knowing how to look at other markets for revenue opportunities is a major issue for any business.

With this in mind and with the aim of helping businesses stay in business and people in jobs, we have developed a new short online course called Rapid Sales Recovery Program (RSR).

Rapid Sales Recovery Program is designed to help businesses and sales teams:

  1. Identify and prioritise viable sales segments,
  2. Delelop a Rapid Sales Action Plan, and
  3. Act with purposeful urgency – don’t procrastinate

The RSR Program comprises podcasts, videos, exercises, checklists, planning tools, audit templates and tasks, and additional insights and knowledge to help you work on your crisis sales strategy, undertake a crisis sales market analysis process to find new opportunities, develop a go-to-market plan, work through leadership challenges, set up yourself and your teams to sell remotely / safely, implement effective customer communication, and maintain a healthy mindset.

The program can run as a standalone in its online version, in combination with 4 live webinars for your team, or we can customise a combination of the online program and remote workshops and/or webinars to suit your needs.

We have recently run a version of the online program plus the 4 webinars and the feedback has been excellent with participants reporting:

  1. “I never knew that this type of support for SMEs existed; It’s opened my eyes and my mind; I have learnt so much about sales that I never knew before
  2. It’s made me rethink who I am really selling to and helped me prioritise my whole client engagement approach, including creating a proper value proposition and segmenting my market properly
  3. I now understand the differences between sales and marketing and why both are important to my business and that I have to get selling too instead of relying on a website and passive leads
  4. Everyone should do this course – it teaches you how to think about selling in a way I have never seen before. It’s so practical, real, ethical and honest.
  5. I feel more in control now and I can take this learning and all the tools and templates with me into my daily business practices
  6. I am glad we had the live sessions – they made me accountable and I just love all the amazing resources that are in the online program. There is so much rich content there for us to use. It’s amazing.
  7. I feel more confident to start putting myself out there and communicating more effectively with my customer base via email, phone, online, etc.”

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