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Trusted by thousands across all industries, we work with entrepreneurs, sales managers, customer service people, team leaders, internal stakeholders, sales people at all levels of their career and people from all walks of life.

See how Sales Essentials has improved the working lives of Sales Professionals the world over.

'Very accessible and easy to use. It worked wherever I went, on any device.'

'Unlike other online programmes I did, I never lost interest, because the programme provides a permanent give and take.'

'It was highly relevant for my business and translating the examples to my personal situation was very easy.'

'I love all of the resources and templates making it really simple to map out what you are doing and keep you on track. The videos are clear and explain everything in fine detail.'

...'has been very easy to follow, very easy to use, a great introduction. Features I really like is having my own notes section and being able to pdf the completed exercises to keep as reflection points.'

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A bakery solution company in South Africa

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A bakery solution company in South Africa has a sales branch within the business that consistently achieves good sales growth. However, there was one sales representative who consistently achieved well below what the others were hitting, that is until she enrolled in Sales Essentials.
Thanks to Sales Essentials this sales person now lives 'solutions selling' and is clearly beginning to own her customers over competitors.
Her sales results have shifted from -2% growth per month to +29% growth each month and tracking higher as we speak.

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A premium natural health product provider

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We found the Sales Essentials model to be refreshingly easy to work with. The content is very relevant to the “real world” of sales and can be adapted to suit the organisation and team. With the support of the Sales essentials team, we self-managed our program, tailoring it to our own needs. The sales ethos and principles contained in the programme certainly enhanced the sales capacity of our organisation

Andrew Harwood, General Manager

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A digital technology service provider

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Sue Barret taught me that everything in life is about selling – Whether or not I’m in the boardroom. The transferable skills, strategies & practices I acquired from the Sales Essentials program enabled me to leverage several significant career opportunities, both in Australia & abroad. Sue’s counsel has always been invaluable, and it’s been continually reinforced by the accessible & practical nature of the Sales Essentials philosophy & online courses.

Josh Howard, Global Strategy & Development Director

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A specialist rural lender, Rural Finance has been fostering the sustainable economic growth of rural and regional Victoria for more than 65 years.

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It is absolutely satisfying to have coached a team through a Development Program, and 6 months after the last module was completed a staff member explains to your team how they have just won a significant new customer “because of the learnings” from the Sales Essentials program. And better still when that Sales person describes precisely which elements of the Sales Essentials Program he used, and how it impacted the prospect and the eventual outcome. Thanks Jens for your effort and support in leading me and my team through Sales Essentials, it has certainly added value to our business.

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