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  • Josh Howard

    Sue Barret taught me that everything in life is about selling – Whether or not I'm in the boardroom. The transferable skills, strategies & practices I acquired from the Sales Essentials program enabled me to leverage several significant career opportunities, both in Australia & abroad. Sue's counsel has always been invaluable, and it's been continually reinforced by the accessible & practical nature of the Sales Essentials philosophy & online courses.

  • Anonymous

    I love all of the resources and templates making it really simple to map out what you are doing and keep you on track. The videos are clear and explain everything in fine detail.

  • bidvest-testimonial-logo

    One sales representative of a bakery solution company in South Africa consistently achieved well below what the others were hitting, that is until she enrolled in Sales Essentials. Thanks to Sales Essentials this sales person now lives 'solutions selling' and is clearly beginning to own her customers over competitors. Her sales results have shifted from -2% growth per month to +29% growth each month and tracking higher as we speak.

  • Anonymous

    ... has been very easy to follow, very easy to use, a great introduction. Features I really like is having my own notes section and being able to pdf the completed exercises to keep as reflection points.

  • planet health logo

    Andrew Harwood

    We found the Sales Essentials model to be refreshingly easy to work with. The content is very relevant to the “real world” of sales and can be adapted to suit the organisation and team. With the support of the Sales essentials team, we self-managed our program, tailoring it to our own needs. The sales ethos and principles contained in the programme certainly enhanced the sales capacity of our organisation

  • Anonymous

    Unlike other online programmes I did, I never lost interest, because the programme provides a permanent give and take.

  • Andrew Martin

    It is absolutely satisfying to have coached a team through a Development Program, and 6 months after the last module was completed a staff member explains to your team how they have just won a significant new customer 'because of the learnings' from the Sales Essentials program. And better still when that Sales person describes precisely which elements of the Sales Essentials Program he used, and how it impacted the prospect and the eventual outcome. Thanks Jens for your effort and support in leading me and my team through Sales Essentials, it has certainly added value to our business.

  • Anonymous

    It was highly relevant for my business and translating the examples to my personal situation was very easy.

  • Michelle Ally

    Great Lectures. Thank you for such a great wonderful tools to use for sales. Really helped me with my confidence and want to excel in my profession. Thanks!

Welcome to Sales Essentials

Online sales training and resources for humans who do sales

The Sales Essentials Philosophy

At we believe selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something. This is not new; however, the way we sell and the way we do business in the 21st Century is very different from the traditions established in the 20th Century.

21st Century Selling requires a different philosophy and a different approach. We believe that the best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them. We believe that selling and service go hand in hand.

Today, if you have an idea, capability, product, service, or opportunity that you want to take to market, or get buy-on from your colleagues or stakeholders then you need to be able to sell – ethically, honourably, and effectively.

Today there are very few absolutes and everything is subject to evolution and reinvention. Business is not just about doing deals anymore; it’s about developing strong relationships that go beyond great products, great service and great design and instead focus on cultivating real value beyond price alone. 21st Century Selling is about the fair exchange of value where people buy from people they trust and, in turn, both the buyer and the seller achieve real results and prosperous viable relationships. was born out of a vision we had in 2000; a vision that we would build a robust online DIY sales education platform for people intent on being effective sales professionals. We, like many of our colleagues and clients, were sick of the hyped-up motivational speeches, the tricks and secrets to success, the spin, the rubbish that pollutes the sales profession. is about giving real people access to real, reliable, evidenced based, practical and useful sales tools, resources, education and research that works in the real world and that doesn’t compromise anyone’s personal integrity.

So join the Sales Essentials Community and learn the ethical and effective sales methods revolutionising the sales landscape and apply your online learning to drive better sales and business opportunities.

Sales Essentials for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Do you want to know what good sales practices, process and training looks like so you don’t waste your time, money, and effort? helps Small Business train their salespeople to sell better

Do you want to get your new business venture off the ground and generate revenue faster with sales practices that work? helps Entrepreneurs position themselves to get business funding and sales revenue traction.

Do you want to build meaningful, win-win relationships that will enhance both your and your clients’ reputations? helps Professional Services and Freelancers learn how to sell better

Did you know that selling is the oxygen that fuels the fire any successful business and career? helps entrepreneurs and new salespeople underpin and forge their careers with effective and ethical sales practices

Do you know that educating people how to define their talents and sell themselves is good for businesses and communities? helps people know how to sell themselves better and get into the workplace.

For SMEs, Corporates and Membership Bodies

Are you looking to create more self-directed, blended 70:20:10 learning sales environments that make for better salespeople and sales leaders? helps Sales Leaders, Sales Coaches and L&D Professionals create proactive, applied, dynamic and continuous sales learning environments that develop skills that work and drive better sales cultures and customer experiences.

Are you looking to attract more members and students by developing and validating their sales credentials? helps membership groups and tertiary education institutes deliver additional value and upskill their membership base with relevant work ready skills.