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The essential courses and resources you need for a successful sales career.

With Sales Essentials Online courses you will develop the ethical and effective methods to drive better sales and business results. Any time, in your own time.
Our programs are certified so you can showcase your knowledge and capabilities to the world via digital credentials.
Sales Essentials Course
Sales Essentials
8-module Program

A complete sales system to get you selling better faster. From Go-to-market strategies and sales planning to Consultative and Solutions Selling.

SEO Sales Essentials Prospecting
Sales Prospecting
1-module Program

40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of their job. This module will give you the skills, tools, and mindset you need to prospect effectively.

SEO_Sales Planning
Sales Planning
2-module Program

Sales planning and go-to-market strategies to get you ready to start selling better faster.

SEO Sales Essentials Solution Selling
Solution Selling
3-module Program

The skills, tools, and mindset you need to work effectively with clients, understand their priorities, develop solutions that deliver value, close and win viable sales, and be their partner of choice.

Almost two thirds of salespeople have not studied sales or any business-related course and are usually left to learn ‘on the job’ as they go. Why leave your sales success to chance? It doesn’t have to be this way. Sales Essentials has the courses you need, whatever stage of your sales or service career. Our certified courses will give you the system, knowledge, tools, skills, and mindset you need to thrive in any sales or service role and sell better faster.

Free short programs for you to discover what Sales Essentials is about.

SEO Sales Essentials Introduction
Sales Essentials


Go through the first module of the Sales Essentials for FREE. It covers our philosophy, history of sales methodologies, and sales ethics.

SEO Sales Essentials TestDrive
Sales Essentials
Test Drive

lesson mix

A taste of the Sales Essentials program. This is a cross section of the Sales Essentials Program for you to try what we are about.


The Sales Essentials Philosophy

Ethical and Effective Sales Education and Resources
We believe selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.

If you have an idea, capability, product, service, or opportunity that you want to take to market, or get buy-on from your colleagues or stakeholders then you need to be able to sell – ethically, honourably, and effectively.

Sales Essentials provides practical and reliable online sales training and resources to help people sell better faster. Our ethical and effective approach to selling focuses on achieving real results through a fair value exchange.

Sales Essentials was born out of a vision we had in 2000; to build a robust online sales training and education platform for people who wanted to learn how to sell or improve their selling skills. We were sick of the hyped-up motivational speeches, the tricks and secrets to success, the spin that pollutes the sales profession.

Sales Essentials gives people access to reliable, evidenced-based, practical, and useful sales tools, resources, and education that work in the real world.

By joining Sales Essentials, you will learn the ethical and effective sales methods revolutionising the sales landscape and apply your learning to drive better sales and business opportunities.


Sales Essentials for business

In partnership with our parent company, Barrett, we develop and deliver learning and development initiatives for businesses to create a perpetual learning environment and deliver capability uplift. Since 2013 we have successfully implemented culture-transforming projects that have been game-changers for the people involved and their businesses.



“They [the sales teams] have had some of the best two months in the all-time history of the division (Dec 21 & Jan 22), we have finished the year with the greatest sales ever. The last four months [of 2021] they have been working extremely hard with their customers, and they’re going to see the best profit we’ve seen in about four years at each of the sites, and the greatest revenue.

Despite ACG finishing the financial year down on volume by 6%, they have increased their sales revenue by 16% and their profitability has grown by 15% compared to the prior fiscal year. “ From the Vice President – Sales & Business Development.

“Using Barrett’s WWW we’ve taken this client from a $3M per annum account with us who was doing most of their business with our competitor to them now spending with us $10M per annum. All of this from one meeting using the WWW questioning process. We thought we weren’t even in with a chance but here we are. This is just the start for all of us.”  Senior Sales Leader from Selling Better project roll out for large Australian corporation in the trade supply area.

Speak to us about your needs.

Talk to us, our advisory team, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best solution for your business.

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