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Sales Essentials can help you with your sales challenges

  • How can I create an effective Go-to-market sales plan or sales strategy?
  • How can I create strategic key account plans?
  • How can I build quality prospect lists and healthy sales pipeline?
  • How do I make effective prospecting/sales calls?
  • How can I overcome the fear of making prospecting sales calls?
  • How do I get prospects to talk to me?
  • How do I get past the gate keeper/ EA / receptionist?
  • How can I prepare for a client/customer meeting?
  • How do I run a successful client/customer meeting?
  • What sort of questions should I ask in a client/customer meeting?
  • How to get people buying from me
  • How to feel more confident in a client meeting
  • How to prepare a proposal or quote
  • How to follow up on a client meeting/proposal
  • How often should I follow up with a prospect or client?
  • How can I get clients to commit to my offer?
  • How to deal with customers when they ask for a discount
  • How to use a CRM tool and make the most of it
  • How can I coach people to sell more and better?
  • How do I recruit high performing salespeople?
  • How do I get my broader team to support the sales effort?
  • How do I get my people focused in delivering a great customer experience?
  • How can I close more sales so I can sell more and make more money?

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