The Sales Essentials Story

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To stay competitive in the sales industry it is critical to keep learning and honing your skills on a regular basis. But for many, our busy lifestyles mean enrolling in face-to-face courses or attending weekly training sessions can become nearly impossible. solves this problem by moving education beyond the classroom. We give you full control of what, why and when you learn.

We’ve designed our university grade sales training courses and modules so you can work through them at your own pace, and learn the fundamental skills and techniques that will boost your sales ethically and honestly.

With you’ll learn the proven methods to sell without compromising your character, and join thousands of students who are effectively leading the way to sales growth, in everything from small businesses of one through to large multinational organisations.

The New Salesperson

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The days of pushy sales people are over. No one’s buying from them anymore.

Today, the smart salesperson knows that selling is about working together WITH buyers to help them achieve their goals, solve their problems or find new ways to do things better. Selling is about helping people buy what's important to them at the time. Today, selling is about bringing new insights or sorting through clutter to get to the real gems or truths people are seeking.

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The New Sales Technique

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Sales shouldn’t be a dirty word. Like many of our colleagues and clients, we’re sick of the hyped-up speeches, tricks, empty promises and the general rubbish that pollutes the sales profession. is about reversing that trend, giving passionate people, like you, access to real education, and practical sales tools and resources so you don’t have to compromise your integrity in order to succeed.

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University grade course content

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From your very first module or ebook you’ll be learning invaluable skills and gaining knowledge from industry leading professionals.

Our course material and stand alone products allow you to tap into the sales knowledge, skills and mindset that will have you winning customers and clients while creating strong connections that turn your customers into raving fans.

So if you’re a sales professional feeling burnt out and looking to reignite your passion, if you’re new to sales and searching for actionable techniques to help you succeed, or if you're a small business owner unsure of where to start, is the answer. We have the essential training modules to help you sell better, increase revenue and develop healthy, viable client relationships.

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Welcome to the sales revolution.

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