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Real Time Sales Education

How can sales education become a key contributing factor to not only selling better, but also to selling faster? How can sales education be designed and provided close enough to the day-to-day reality of sales teams that it can help solve sales challenges and achieve sales results in “real-time”?

We need to move away from only focusing on the annual 1-2 day classroom sales training approach. Why? Because by itself, without being embedded in a more overarching training concept, it doesn’t change anything and can be a big waste of time and money on every level including time not selling, travel and accommodation costs, and the lack of application back in the workplace.

We know that most sales leaders and their teams want to keep on improving their sales skills and processes. However, everyone is time poor so they need to find more cost effective ways of training, making it as relevant as possible to their situation, while ideally not having to go off site.

Smart organisations have realised that delivering Real Time Sales Education over time in bite size chunks is the key to helping people sell better, with quicker results, using their time and resources more efficiently. These businesses are adopting a more integrated and longitudinal approach to sales development.


  1. Sales Process: Review and map the sales process
  2. Communication: let the team know that they will be part of a Blended Learning program
  3. Online Sales Education Curriculum: everyone has access to the relevant online sales curriculum
  4. Group Training Sessions via video conferencing
  5. Coaching leaders to become their team’s coach

You can read a case study here

Does all this mean the death of the 1-2 day workshop, be it remotely or face-to-face? No, not at all. They can be used to advantage in conferences, when there is a major reset of strategy/products/market, when there’s a need for highly interactive best practices sessions – but use them consciously and deliberately.


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