Sales Essentials

  • Who are these courses for? How can I be sure they’re right for me?
    The courses available through have been designed to help people across all levels in the sales profession, from those just getting started with sales to business owners and sales executives looking to refresh their knowledge or hone their skills. Our philosophy is ‘selling is everybody’s business’. Our training can be used for a variety of settings and requirements, whether they’re personal to you or business specific to your company or organisation. The content is always up to date, practical and actionable, so you can learn, test and apply your learning as you progress. Content is available through eBooks, videos, audio, practical exercises and tools, and is presented in modules, so you can work through all coursework at your own pace. Sales Essentials is NOT a series of lectures where you listen and watch and we talk, nor is it a PDF textbook online. It is a collection of modules designed to be applied and interacted with in real life.
  • What will I learn through
    Our sales training provides you with access to a range of modules, workshops, and integrated programs purpose built for all scenarios where ‘people live by selling something’. Our course content covers all the relevant topics for professionals in business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales roles. It’s perfect for introducing departments outside the sales team to selling and the idea that ‘selling is everybody’s business’.
  • Do I need a degree in business or previous work experience to do this course?
    Sales Essentials has sales training for everyone, whether you call yourself a salesperson or not. We offer courses ideal for people new to their sales and/or service career, which can also be used for inducting new sales recruits to fast-track them with the Sales Essentials skills, processes, and tools.
  • I already have sales experience. Will I get anything out of this course?
    The most successful sales people are those that never stop learning, whose thirst for knowledge and best sales practices is never satiated. If this sounds like you, then Sales Essentials is perfect for you. We have courses and resources designed for sales people with years of experience and at all levels of industry to keep abreast of the most current techniques and practices.



Sales Essentials

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Sales Essentials


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