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Everybody lives by selling something

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This statement was coined back in the late 1800’s by Robert Louis Stevenson. It shows how everyone needs to consider selling as part of their professional life. It doesn’t matter what your work is, hairdresser, accountant, lawyers, engineers, trade, everyone. We all live by selling something.

In our lives we are all exchanging things of value. Whether what we exchange is of value to others should be determined through effective communication, open dialogue, and trust. We all need to sell our work, exchange it for something. You need clients that need your services, or product. You might have an idea or project and need to convince your colleagues to buy into it. You might be looking for a job and therefore selling yourself to companies.

Taken to an organisation wide level, everybody in a company has an impact on how the business communicates with and engages in the principle of exchange with its customers, suppliers, the broader community, and each other.

Everybody in our organisations needs to be an ambassador for our business, our message, and our brand. There needs to be recognition that we are in one of two roles 1) actively involved in selling or 2) supporting someone who is.

Some salespeople and leaders already recognise that ‘product’ is only part of the sales process and that selling is actually a ‘value exchange’, underpinned by real relationships. Those companies that support and train all their people in a culture of proactive client engagement, transparent selling and proactive positive communication practices aligned with their strategy, will gain a significant competitive advantage.

No matter what your position, your role, your industry or work situation, you need to know how to sell successfully and with integrity.


The painting is by John Singer Sargent, you can see it in full here



  1. Augustus Mountbatten  November 20, 2016

    Incredibly simplistic.


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