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Myth: E-learning technology is unreliable

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Every other arena in society- financial institutions, businesses, and government- do not avoid updating their procedures and protocols because of the fear of unreliable technology. Clearly, you only need to look at people’s phones – how many of those phones are new? Loads – mainly because of the easy ways to upgrade you phone while getting better and cheaper phone plans!

The reality is that most distance learning software requires only an Internet connection and a computer. Fancy tools or expensive software has not bogged down E-learning – and for most people, their Internet connection and computer are very dependable. On top of all this most E-learning software is usable through standard, modern browsers.

However, there is one area where E-learning is deemed to be unreliable – older browsers especially older browsers made by Microsoft called Internet Explorer 9 and older. Many people seemed to think that browsers created pre 2010 are still good enough to access technology from today and then complain “I cannot access your this site because it does not display well” – this then leads to people’s assumptions that E-learning is unreliable.

There is a very easy way out of this dilemma, people should install a modern browser from any of the companies below

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Opera

and people will have no problems at all accessing any E-learning courses.

Also, there are many cheap laptops/tablets/notebooks today that give you access to the latest technology, for example Google’s Chromebook? It is currently priced at $249.00 (August 2014). It is a laptop that is ready to go right out of the box and can handle nearly every type of tool and software an online learner would need. Most course ware is through the Internet. Even if the student has a slow Internet connection, Wi-Fi hotspots are all over the place and offer fast connection speeds.

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