Our Sales Training can be used for a variety of scenarios. We recommend to train leaders and the team as it will lead to better and expected results.

Sales Training for Teams:
As the world gets smaller the need to collaborate and cooperate is even more critical.  All of us need to communicate, connect and create with another to work effectively and achieve our goals.    Elite sales performers know this all too well. One of the qualities that make them outstanding is their ability to work in concert with others; to orchestrate internal resources; to model excellent team work skills, attitudes and behaviours.

We all know the importance of teams.  We all know businesses need to be made up of different skills sets to deliver what we said we would.  Yet team work can be fraught with challenges and difficulties more as a result of people not appreciating difference and finding it hard to communicate and work well together.  In this instance we often label others as ‘difficult’ when they are only different.   ‘Different’ does not mean ‘difficult’.  There is no such thing as difficult people, just difficult situations, our sales training for teams helps you to highlight and deal with them.

Sales Training for Leaders:
Performance as a manager and leader is often measured on ability to achieve results and excellence through others. The focus on many management conversations is often on the eternal question “How do we get the best out of our people?”

Our sales training for leaders provides leaders with insight into the potential strengths and challenges lie within and beneath the surface. It also facilitates and cultivates useful thinking strategies which guide the effective application of skills and processes to ensure growth and performance as a successful leader and people manager. Discovery learning techniques are used to encourage leaders to gain a further understanding of their own behaviours and attitudes so they can in turn communicate, manage and lead others with excellence.

Sales Training for Humans who do sales:
In this increasingly networked world we all have the opportunity to communicate, connect and create opportunities with others all the time- in short we are selling ourselves. However, many of us have never been taught through sales training or shown how to communicate and sell ourselves, our ideas or our business effectively with confidence, dignity, and grace. Many of us think we could never sell and are too afraid to do so. Yet the potential to sell well is present intrinsically in almost all of us whether we know it or not.

Our sales training provides you with access to a range of modules, workshops, and integrated programs purpose built for all environments where ‘people live by selling something’ including: traditional sales, customer service, business and professional services, business development, and internal consultants. We work with you to develop sales training that is tiered to suit the capability and can be off-the-shelf or customised to your specific needs.