What is Sales Essentials?

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Salesessentials.com offers online sales training courses to suit all levels of expertise, from beginner to executive, and are structured for participants to work through at their own pace. Our courses are created and designed by an experienced team of qualified business, sales and education professionals, each skilled and accredited in the use of a range of proprietary assessment tools, simulations, and concepts coupled with relevant industry-recognised experience.

Online training for humans who do sales

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Welcome to the sales revolution. Bring your sales skills into the 21st century with our bundle of online learning courses packed with real-time sales research and methodologies. Dive in and master the blend of fine art and masterful science of selling ethically and effectively.

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Taking the Sales Essentials Journey

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The Sales Essentials learning material contains practical information and resources to advance anyone’s sales knowledge, skills and techniques all while selling ethically and effectively. Students can access a hybrid mix of content anytime, anywhere and complete their selected modules at a pace that suits them.
Presented in a mix of learning modes, the learning material was created to cater for a wide range of learning styles (written text, audio, videos, questionnaires, quizzes, worksheets, templates and role plays).
The Sales Essentials Course will align with your individual or organisation’s core messaging, value proposition and relevant business and market information, so you can immediately put the skills, knowledge, and tools into action as you learn.

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