Requirements takes a tiered approach to the level of support we provide for different browsers to make sure we are building a stellar experience for most of our users and an acceptable experience for the rest.

We support the following combinations of operating systems and browsers:

Browser Operating System

Chrome 20.x and higher

– XP & Windows 7 and higher

– Mac OS 10.6 and higher

– Android 4.1.2 and higher

– Linux

Safari 7.0.x and higher

– Mac OS 10.6 and higher

– iOS 7.x and higher

Internet Explorer 10 and higher

– Windows 7 and higher

– Mac OS 10.6 and higher

Firefox 15.x and higher

– Windows XP and higher

– Linux

We do NOT support the following operating systems and browsers:

Internet Explorer 9.x and lower

– All OS’s

If you are using a combination not listed above

If you are using an operating system and browser combination that is not in either of the lists above, we will investigate serious issues that prevent users from completing our curriculum, but we cannot provide any supoprt for any version of Internet Explorer 9 and below.

Why do we not support Internet Explorer 9 and below:

  • Microsoft have discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9 and below.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and below are full of security holes and issue, all of them will not be fixed because of the point above.
  • The code bass of Internet Explorer misses a huge amount of features supported by all other modern browsers limiting us to do what we want to achieve.
  • When we develop/create and write new parts of the courses we spend additional time to make it work with Internet Explorer 9 and below that amounts to the same amount of time already spend to make it work for all other browsers combined!
  • We cannot afford to support a browsers which has a usage of less than 1%

Browser Statistics


Please note: We recommend a broadband connection to complete the courses.

These lists are defined based on current usage of our site and known issues. We will update this list to make sure that it is up to date and reflects the majority of operating systems and browsers used on our site.