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Professional Jealousy?

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How those who shame others for selling themselves are the biggest losers

Let’s begin with a story about an excellent scientist. Someone so passionate and competent about his subject area that he happily and productively spent years studying the topic, getting to know it deeply and how it affects the world; how it is part of a broader system.

Then, with this great body of work and innovative ideas to share, he happily and proactively goes about meeting, informing and persuading key people as to the importance of his ideas and how these ideas can change things for the better.

The target audiences really take to it and the ideas keep spreading, the scientist in question gets known for his expertise and from there success follows and good things happen to him and the world he works in.

A great story if it weren’t for the scientist’s peers who sneered and scoffed at the ‘audacity’ of this scientist to sell himself. ‘He’s such as salesman’, ‘who does he think he is?’ was the gossip that spread and polluted these good intentions.

These scientists are not alone. This negative perception about selling and the negative view about those people who naturally or otherwise get out and sell themselves can come from all corners of society and professions. Some people believe in old myths and stereotypes about selling and self-promotion that keep them and others hostage; these old beliefs keep them from earning what they are worth.

We are not saying for one minute saying that everyone who is good at selling themselves has something worthy to sell. We must keep our wits about us and look out for the ‘snake oil salesman’.

 many-people-have-something-worthy-to-sell.But many people have something worthy to sell.

Which is why we have started the Selling Better Movement with the hope it will help people understand that there’s a better way of doing business and being prosperous together.

The Selling Better Movement is an ethical, sustainable, and human-centred selling ethos underpinned by a practical selling philosophy.

For too long, the profession of selling has been tainted by the bad behaviour of a few, leaving most people with the uncomfortable, negative perception of selling; however, everybody lives by selling something and selling is a vital life skill that allows opportunity to flourish and become real.

We believe everybody lives by selling something because everybody has ideas, suggestions and concepts they would like to share with others – internally or externally.

We believe if you sell ethically you should never feel ashamed of the act of selling itself or being called a salesperson, ever.

We believe the negative stereotypes of selling create destructive beliefs systems and behaviours that hold many people back from reaching their true and full potential.

We believe that by embracing our inner ethical salesperson we can begin to release our talents and capabilities to the world and flourish in ways we hadn’t imagined before.

We believe that it all starts with opportunity – the opportunity of having a go, taking a calculated risk, not being afraid to ask.

We need more people like this excellent scientist with his ability to combine his technical competence with his passion and ability to sell and tell his story and bring innovations the world needs to be a better place.


Remember everybody lives by selling something.

Author: Sue Barrett, 


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