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The key to opening more sales opportunities

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The advent of the digital revolution and social networks had a huge impact in the number of people we are connected to. We now have around 3-2.8 degrees of separation from everyone else in the world.  

Sounds amazing, doesn’t? Roughly 3 people between you and anyone else you want to connect with in this world.  It is amazing – on the surface. These are just numbers after all and remain inert if we do not effectively activate the potential within these numbers.

It’s a quality numbers game

The important thing we need to remember in all of this is that selling, networking, relationship development and so on is a quality numbers game, not just a numbers game. The numbers bandied about sound impressive on the surface but if you do not know:

  1. what you are specifically looking for by way of ideal sales opportunities,
  2. who you need to engage with who can potentially deliver you the key to those opportunities, and
  3. how to actually engage someone in a conversation so they can see how they can open doors for you then all those connections of close proximity are a waste – a huge waste.

Be clear

When you are seeking for opportunities you need to be very clear about what you are looking for and make it easy for those in your networks, who want to help, unlock doors.

Make sure you know how to clearly present a referral opportunity in simple, easy to understand terms that makes it easy for your networks to spot those opportunities for you, because you never know who knows who.

Author: Sue Barrett, 


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