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Client Buying States

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Selling can get quite confusing sometimes. The more you know about it and understand the different things that are involved in selling can help you have a clearer picture and become a better salesperson.

An interesting point to know about is that there are mainly four different Buying States.  They are classified as:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Problem
  3. Static
  4. Blinkered

Buying States that show that a sale is possible:

Opportunity: Your prospect recognises there is an opportunity to move forward or progress to a goal.

Problem: Your prospect recognises that there is a problem that must be rectified and addressed. (And you might have the solution)

Buying States that show that a sale may be difficult or unlikely:

Static: Your prospect feels that business is going well and that significant change is unnecessary. You might think differently, but if they don’t see a need to change you can’t make them.

Blinkered: Your prospect feels that they are already doing everything to an optimum level and that almost nothing could improve their situation.

Options to change Static and Blinkered buying states could include:

  1. The point of view of the decision maker is swayed by another key influencer of the sale
  2. New information changes their perception
  3. Other forces such as market changes, comments by customers, and competitors can force change

In some cases, you will just have to bide your time. You don’t need to prospect them every week, but keep them in sights, made contact every now and then to see if they are ready and work on other projects in the meantime.

Happy selling!


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