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We want more than a script

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A sales script is a well constructed set of guidelines that support us when we prospect. Millions of sales people around the world use sales scripts.  Used properly, sales scripts act as scaffolding or bridgework to help us earn the right to have a meaningful discussion with our prospecting customers, members, donors, or subscribers.
Good sales scripts:

  • are purposeful – have a clear reason why we are calling someone;
  • use language the prospect understands;
  • are designed for the benefit of the listener with the prospect’s choice to accept or reject what they hear as central point;
  • are brief and allow for questions and conversations;
  • aim to achieve a result – an appointment, donation, purchase, feedback, etc;
  • are planned not canned – they allow the salesperson to adapt to different situations whilst maintaining the purpose of the call;
  • leave the prospect feeling valued and informed, even if they choose not to proceed with you in this instance; and,
  • are pleasant, respectful, and engaging.

Many organisations push sales scripting to the limit, with word-for-word scripts that end up ineffective. You would think that in this day and age we would have ditched these ‘canned scripts’ but they still happen.

However, if done properly, telephone sales is a very effective way of getting in contact with legitimate prospects.  But when scripting removes the ability to genuinely listen and respond to a customer, we all suffer.

If you want to create positive and memorable experiences for your customers, members, donors or subscribers then seek to engage with them in a meaningful way.  Don’t force your sales people to be rooted to the spot and limited by a one-size-fits all script. Instead, train yourself and your team, learn how to communicate and sell successfully and with integrity. There plenty of online sales training courses that can help you. E-learning is a very cost- efficient way to train. Then, trust your team to engage with people in meaningful ways by giving them the guidelines and tools they need to communicate effectively with the wide variety of people they encounter on a daily basis.  This gives sales people autonomy and puts back interest and challenge in the task of making effective prospecting calls and in the process will make the experience of the people on the other side of the line that much better.

Happy selling!


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