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Author: Sue Barrett | 30 Pages

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Sales people need to be able to sell. Yes of course. However the questionable ethical practices that arose in the 20th century alongside the meteoric rise of the sales industry – everything from commission-based selling to the one-time popularity of the detailing salesman, and other old-school selling tactics – means that in the 21st century, many sales people want to move away from the past and broaden the definition of what they do.

Selling in the 21st century is a whole different ball game to that of the last century. The 21st century customer is informed, smart, and technologically savvy. The spread of the web and its social media-driven integration with the sales sphere has changed everything. We now deal with new age customers who are well-versed in what they want, and how they intend to consume products and services – and if you don’t meet their expectations efficiently and professionally, they’re prone to head somewhere else very quickly and tell everybody about it.

The material in this book aims to help you master the art of selling in the 21st century – and help you understand that you are part of an enterprising, progressive industry that is changing the world for the better.

Remember: everybody lives by selling something.

We hope you enjoy this book.




The sales industry has never before undergone such a rapid evolution as in the 21st century. The advancement of technology – particularly in social media – has been a major driver behind this change, but with it has come a fundamental shift in the way sales teams think and approach their tasks.

Prior to 2007, social media was a niche concept. Then along came LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter … and the rest. These web platforms forever changed the way people interact and communicate, and altered the sales landscape indelibly. These days, it’s vital that businesses embrace social media. Those that don’t will be left behind in their competitors’ wake. And it’s paramount that sales people understand the important part that social media web platforms, and similar technologies, play in the modern business world. The old ways of communicating with clients and prospects are dying, or dead.

In the information age, the customer has been granted a heightened level of access to research and purchasing. As sales people, you’re now dealing with informed, savvy clients who won’t submit to the old-school strategy of being “sold to” on a one-on-one basis.

Manage information overload

On the flipside, social media’s instant access to a wealth of information has changed the factors comprising the role of sales people too. Networking, communicating, strategising and planning have all been augmented with greater scope, as well as greater complexity. It’s key that you learn how to manage any potential information overload. Formulate a noise reduction blueprint.

It’s an exciting, brave new world out there – and the way you conduct client relationships will dictate how successful you are in an era where technology is king, and customers are highly acute. Master your sales strategy in the age of networking and social media, and you’ll map a successful path into the future.

Remember: everybody lives by selling something.

We hope you enjoy this book.





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