Since 1995 we have

  • Won the 1997 Telstra and Victorian Government Small Business Award
  • Built the first Australian multi-level Sales Competency Dictionary based on Australian and International research
  • Profiled 70,000+ people in sales, business development and leadership
  • Trained 10,000+ people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific
  • Mapped 100+ different sales roles
  • in 2012 we have partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to be the first to offer the first VET accredited sales training program endorsed by a University in Australia providing both a Diploma in Business and Certificate-IV in Business Sales.

Who we are

We are not just a sales training provider; we are an end-to-end (sales) consulting practice with a prominent reputation in the Australian market as trusted experts, a coaching (sales coaching) firm and advisors in creating high performing, sustainable people and teams. We have a unique position in the marketplace with research and IP specifically in the Australian sales competency space that ensures we deliver culturally relevant and results oriented projects.

What we do

Through proprietary models, behaviour change processes and personal insight, underpinned by our Competency model, we work in partnership to help individuals and organisations adopt proven processes and productive behaviours and make them a ‘way of life’. This then leads to increased professional and personal confidence and competency, client loyalty, revenues and profit.

What makes us different

  • Our approach is grounded in the powerful coupling of knowledge and insight
  • Providing access to both knowledge and insight allows for the cultivation of wisdom
  • Results through working with the whole person, aligning intentions and actions to purposeful strategy (sales strategy)
  • Our work is guided by the Sales Essentials Sales Philosophy ‘Everybody lives by selling something’

Our value to clients

Our clients value the holistic approach we take in working alongside them to create excellence through purposeful action and sustainable cultures. They are able to achieve individual and organisation results.

The organisation:

  • An effective and aligned culture staffed by purposeful, skilled, effective individuals, teams and leaders
  • Better quality revenue growth and retention with existing clients
  • Increased ‘new to business’ clients
  • Happier, more satisfied clients

The individual:

  • Resourced to think about their role and business and make decisions and take action based on evidence
  • Resourced to self correct and take personal responsibility for their attitudes, actions and results
  • Increased awareness about where they fit in the business and in the broader scheme of things