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Getting ‘Sales Ready’ – Sales Planning & Prospecting Program

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This highly practical programme combines both Sales Planning and Prospecting, the two core elements to get you started on your career as a sales professional. It’s also a great refresher for experienced salespeople looking to review and/or improve the sales planning and prospecting elements of their current sales career. It’s designed to help you sell better, faster.

Sales Planning shows you who you need to be selling to and why, and Prospecting is about getting ignition to get in front of the right people to light up sales opportunities.

Whether you are new to sales or not, the Getting ‘Sales Ready’ programme is a great introduction and refresher when it comes to helping you sell better, faster. See below for programme details and topic content.

This programme has 19 topics that you can work your way through at your own pace over 6 weeks.

There are videos to watch, podcasts to listen to and exercises to work on the key elements.

You will get a certificate of completion at the end.


Why focus on Sales Planning and Prospecting?

Most salespeople say they are pretty good communicating with people and usually focus their skills development efforts on the client interaction part of the sales process i.e. rapport building, questioning skills, persuasion and influence, etc., and while the client interaction piece is vital to sales, it is not the only part. Sales planning and Prospecting are essential elements to a successful sales career.

Sales Planning: Knowing what you are selling to whom, and answering the question ‘Why you’ is key to getting your sales career started. As Henry Kissinger said ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will lead to nowhere’. This program is designed to will help build a viable sales place to focus your sales efforts in the right markets with the right clients so you have the best chance of selling better, faster.

Sales Planning also includes managing your daily, weekly and monthly activities. There are several key activities that you need to be able to do and coordinate every week to implement your sales plan and achieve your sales goal and targets. This program will show you how to organise yourself and get in the right shape and rhythm to sell better, faster.

Sales Prospecting is about getting ignition. Once you know who you want to talk to you need to engage with them. This is prospecting. Whether you’re selling face2face or over the phone, you need to ignite sales opportunities. Nothing happens until you get in front of someone. However, prospecting is rated as one of the most scary elements of sales. But it doesn’t have to be. This program will show you how to make contact via phone, in person and via email confidently to help you sell better, faster.

Is this the right programme for you?

If you are:

  • new to sales looking to enter a sales career;
  • a salesperson developing or working on the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales planning and prospecting capabilities;
  • experienced in sales and looking to hone or refresh your sales planning and prospecting skills;
  • or an entrepreneur setting out to run your own business

then this programme has been designed and built for you.

This programme is also part of the comprehensive Sales Essentials Online Training Programme.

Course Content

Module 1: Creating a viable sales plan

  • Introduction
  • Selling in the 21st Century
  • Vision & Value Proposition
  • The Products and Services You offer
  • Who to Target: Your Customers and Clients
  • Your Competitive Advantage
  • Mindset

Module 2: Go-to-market action plan

  • Introduction
  • Lead Generation
  • Recipe for Sales Success
  • Weekly Activity Plan
  • The 28 Day Sales Challenge
  • Mindset

Module 3: Prospecting

  • Introduction
  • Prospecting Research & Realities
  • Creating a Prospecting Plan
  • How to Make a Prospecting Call
  • Persistence and the Honourable Retreat
  • Mindset

How does it work?

Each module takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete online and can be done in one or in several sittings. You work through the content of two modules at your own pace over a period of up to 6 weeks. The modules provide relevant and topical lectures, podcasts, videos, written materials, practical questionnaires and tools, as well as additional resources. You will then need time to start putting things into practice immediately. We offer specific tasks and exercises in each module to direct you through the successful implementation of your new (or refreshed) knowledge and skills.


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