Have a look at the questions below. They are by no means exhaustive but they are common to many people in sales or thinking about being in sales. Which ones are relevant to you right now?

Experienced sales people:

  • Are you goal driven and ambitious to achieve your sales targets but have been given no sales training, coaching or direction from your managers?
  • Have you been selling for some time now but found that your sales have hit a plateau and you need to refresh your sales skills and approach?
  • Are you a successful salesperson who sells on instinct and realises that it is not sustainable?
  • Do you want to calibrate your sales capabilities and effectiveness so you know where you can improve?
  • Are you OK calling on your current clients but dislike making cold calls?
  • Is your current client business stalling or drying up and your need to find new markets, new clients?
  • Are your client sales conversations limited to talking about product features and benefits instead of discussing business issues, real value, and viable solutions?
  • Do you have an ad hoc or reactive sales approach where you follow no logical sales processes and fly by the seat of your pants?
  • Are you struggling to meet your sales budgets/targets despite lots of ‘sales effort’?
  • Are your client-interviewing (or lack of) skills causing you to lose sales?
  • Are you finding you lack the business acumen to have real business conversations of value with your clients?
  • Are you finding that your key account plans are not creating the viable partnerships or delivering the return they promised?
  • Is your sales strategy non-existent or poorly understood by your colleagues or team?
  • Have you noticed that what helped you sell well in the past is no longer working or relevant now?

Those new to selling and business owners:

  • Do you find that you have a business plan but no sales plan to direct your sales efforts?
  • Have you started your own business with no sales experience and find that you have to sell and don’t know what to do or where to start?
  • Are you having trouble working out where or how to find new clients?
  • Are you OK when you get in front of clients but really uncomfortable making sales phone calls?
  • Have you been thrown in the deep and just told to ‘sell’?
  • Have you put up your advertisements and find you are now sitting waiting for the phone to ring with no sales coming in?

People in internal roles who need to ‘sell themselves’ and work with stakeholders

  • Have you been asked to position yourself more effectively with key internal stakeholders and been told you have to ‘sell yourself’ better?
  • Are you being locked out of important conversations or meetings with key stakeholders?
  • Do your internal stakeholders only see you as a ‘road block’ or a conduit to innovation and opportunity?
  • Do you need to enlist stakeholders support to move forward with a project or idea?
  • Are you being asked to attend important client meetings but do not know what to do or how to interact in these situations?

Common to all

  • Are you uncomfortable talking about money? Or Does is make you uncomfortable to talk about money?
  • Do you always seem to be discounting your prices and not standing up for the value of your business or yourself?
  • Do you do lots of coffees but don’t make many sales?
  • Do you say ‘YES’ when you should say ‘NO‘?
  • Are you giving away too many ‘freebies’?
  • Are you ‘over servicing’ your clients at a cost to you or your business?
  • Are you not setting boundaries and letting people walk over you?
  • Do you have too many things on your plate and can’t finish or deliver anything?
  • Do you talk more than your clients / prospects?
  • Do you make too many friends and not enough clients or sales?
  • Do you find you are losing business to competitors too often?
  • Are you finding you cannot take time out of your busy day to attend sales training workshops but want to keep up-to-date with sales?

Which ones are relevant to you right now?

If any of these are a problem for you then you will find Salesessentials.com has been designed for you, to help you address these challenges.

Getting started with Sales Essentials

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