Our learning philosophy and academic qualifications

We would finish a great workshop session with a client company and unequivocally people would come and ask us if their partners, colleagues or friends could access the same tools and knowledge that they had just learnt and acquired, even though the people they were referring to where not part of a sales team or the company they worked for.

Questions like, “Can someone else do this training? It’s worked so well for me! It has helped with sales but also with other relationships and I think so and so would benefit from it too.” The nature of the classroom training meant that the Sales Essentials program could only be delivered to organisations and to groups of at least 6-8 people. This represented a barrier for many smaller sales teams and individual sales people who wanted to develop their skills independently and for people who were not in sales roles, but needed to sell anyway.

These frequent requests lead us to ponder many questions:

  • How can we reach anyone who would like to develop the sales skills, knowledge and mindset to become successful sales professionals?
  • How can we reach people who need to sell, but are not sales professionals?
  • How can we provide people with 24/7 access to quality sales education and resources any time anywhere?
  • How can we provide people with an online self-paced program that would take you through every step necessary to develop into a successful sales professional?
  • How can we educate and support the vast number of sales people out there who have no access to quality sales training, coaching or support yet want to be successful sales people?

The solution came from solving the problems and challenges of accessibility due to financial constraints, lack of time, no support, and/or geographical distance.

For instance…

  1. People not having access to quality training, sales coaching and leadership but needing to sell?
  2. People asking to be trained in the classroom version of Sales Essentials but unable to access due to being individuals and not a company.
  3. Being a small team (less than 6 people) making classroom training uneconomical both in terms of time off not selling and getting someone in to train them.
  4. People who are not in a sales role but they need to know how to sell
  5. People in remote regional locations with no access to quality sales education.

The educational pedigree of the Sales Essentials Online Program is built on the academic foundations of the Sales Essentials Diploma of Business program available at Swinburne University of Technology, Barrett’s Sales Competency Dictionary and over 30 years of research, course design and delivery of sales training content to sales people around the world. The team behind the design and creation of Sales Essentials Online Program are skilled instructional designers, facilitators, trainers, coaches, web developers and IT specialist all with extensive experience in sales operations.

Learning modes
We’ve worked on the Sales Essentials project for several years finding the right technology, the right people and the right combination of skills, knowledge and mindset so that Sales Essentials can be easily explained and delivered online.

The self-paced Sales Essentials Online Program offers you a wide range of learning options. It is designed to give you a mix of learning modes including video, podcasts, written text, images, diagrams, questionnaires, worksheets, role plays, case studies, etc. This means that you get to experience your preferred learning style as well as try different learning modes to keep you focused and fresh.

As you can see the idea of the Sales Essentials Online Program was born out of the need to give everyone who wanted access to quality sales education and resources the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and mindset required to lead a successful sales career. Because if you have an idea, capability, product, service, or opportunity that you want to take to market, or get buy-on from your colleagues or stakeholders then you need to be able to sell – ethically, honorably and effectively.

Whether you are a professional salesperson looking to step up and hone your skills, someone setting out to run their own business, a person new to a sales and service career, or if you are even an internal stakeholder looking to successfully engage with others, then Salesessentials.com has been built with you in mind.

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