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You have probably noticed that selling is now, more than ever, a complex profession with many moving parts. Keeping up-to-date with the latest on the Sales Profession is no easy task. We know because our team has been studying and working in sales operations for a cumulative 100+ years and a lot has changed.

Sue Barrett has been publishing sales articles, research whitepapers, and sales trends reports for many years and more recently has published a wide range of e-books on sales, sales management and sales culture which are now available on this site. Feature writer on a regular basis for some of Australia’s most prominent business media outlets such as BRW, Smart Company and IPA’s magazine The Public Accountant, Sue Barrett is regarded by many mainstream business press publishers & editors as the most authoritative thought leaders reporting and commenting on the selling profession and sales operations in Australia today.

Sales Essential’s purpose is to provide high quality sales publications including e-books, sales blogs, whitepapers and sales trends reports to help anyone interested in learning more about the sales profession keep fully informed and up-to-date on the latest in sales effectiveness topics including:

Sales skills, knowledge, tools and processes; sales psychology, neuroscience, resilience and sales mindset; sales ethics and values; sales strategy, planning and key account management; new business development and prospecting; sales philosophy and culture; sales leadership management and sales coaching; sales forecasting, metrics and measurements; customer satisfaction; sales recruitment and sales assessments; sales performance modeling, sales force design and sales structure; sales incentives and rewards; and more.

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