Sales Essentials Program – Diploma of Business

  • Online E-Learning:
    No, This is class room training.
  • Recommended for:
    The Sales Essentials program is recommended for all people in customer facing roles, in any organisation involved in customer centric Business to Business (B2B) of Complex Business to Consumer (B2C) solution selling.
  • Industries:
    Industrial, Construction/Building, Engineering, Professional Services, Chemicals, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals, Medical/Scientific, Financial Services (Banking, Finance Insurance, etc.), Media, Printing/ Publishing, Manufacturing, Services, New Home Sales, Car Sales, etc.
  • Roles:
    Field Sales People i.e. Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Technical Sales People, Sales Consultants, Sales Engineers, Internal Sales People, Customer Service, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors, Marketing personnel and other senior managers across the organisations' value chain who need to understand the role that selling plays in their business
  • Delivery options available:
    In-house classroom training and field assignments for company sales teams or public course at SUT for individuals
  • Funding options available:
    companies can apply for government funding to offset costs of the program while giving their people a tertiary education. Please contact us to explore your funding options.
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Enrich Your Sales Career
Australia's leading sales consultancy Barrett has partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to be the first to offer the first VET accredited sales training program endorsed by a University in Australia providing both a Diploma in Business and Certificate-IV in Business Sales.
til now there has been no officially recognized benchmark for professional salespeople at tertiary level. Finance, Marketing, Production, Engineering, Business Administration, IT, Research & Design, Human Resources, Logistics, Procurement and Entrepreneurship all have recognised tertiary qualifications, and now professional business selling is the last role in the value chain to be officially recognised in this space.
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Barrett Sales Essentials' graduates will receive a Diploma in Business and Certificate IV in Business Sales which can lead to pathways for a Vocational Graduate Certificate (VGC) which accounts towards a Graduate Diploma and units for a Masters Qualification.
The program is eligible for Victorian and Federal Government funding so organisations can provide staff with tertiary education and increase their profit margins while being supported by government.
Barrett Sales Essentials offers salespeople, sales managers and business owners the opportunity to improve their sales strategy, approach and behaviours to create sustainable business practices and customer partnerships and improve overall sales results. The Barrett Sales Essentials Program is a transformation program that delivers sustainable change and improved sales results for individuals, sales teams and business. It involves deep learning, coaching and mentoring to deliver a 21st Century solution sales system for individuals and businesses. Over 90% of sales people follow no logical selling system with most of them flying by the seat of their pants or 'playing it by ear' when it comes to selling. The Barrett Sales Essentials program gives salespeople and managers a robust integrated sales system and processes that provides a feedback instrument to help determine what was right or wrong in a sales or service interaction. It also provides sales managers with the framework and tools to be an effective sales coach, facilitator and developer of salespeople.


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In the 21st Century, selling is everybody's business and everybody lives by selling something.
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Barrett partners with its clients to improve their sales operations.
Partnering with Barrett you will be able to:
  • sell more, more effectively, at healthier margins with less risk of failure.
  • make more informed decisions about who to employ, who to train, and coach in order to produce a more effective sales force with better, sustainable bottom line results.
Learn more about the Barrett Sales Essentials Program at
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About Barrett Sales Essentials Program
ost sales training programs only cover one aspect of selling such as the sales call or account planning. Selling is complex and involves many aspects which need to be coordinated into a Sales System. Barrett Sales Essentials provides salespeople and managers with a sales system that includes core principles, skills, tools, templates, processes and models needed to control the vast array of variables that lead to sales success. 10 years in the making Barrett Sales Essentials is a program and system built to benchmark international best practice in 21st Century solution selling.
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Personal insight and transformation
The Barrett Sales Essentials Program is not just a skills workshop. It is a 20-40 week behaviour change program that goes much deeper dealing with values, ethics, emotions, behaviour and brain science. The program has more to do with people's personal success, mindset and personal mastery.

Key areas of study include:
Sales planning, customer and account mapping; new business development and prospecting strategies and skills; effective solution selling communication skills such as questioning, listening, analysis, problem solving,
solutions development, influencing, recommending and closing; robust selling processes that house organisational strategy, brand messaging, value propositions, product positioning, ethics and values.

Sales Icon Circle and ColumnDelivery:
The Barrett Sales Essential program is delivered in-house with company sales teams. Public programs for individuals are coming in 2013.