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What are the system requirements for using

Here are the minimum requirements for best browsing experience:

If you are stuck with using Internet Explorer 8 or below, try installing Chrome Frame from Google.

You also need:

  • Microsoft Word (for templates and editable documents)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (to be able to view PDF files)

We provide templates and other downloadable documents, without the two above you will not be able to read these nor edit these.


I did not receive an invoice.

We send out invoices/receipts to your mailbox immediately when your order is successful. The email may take longer if you pay via Paypal. Please also check your spam folder to make sure that it didn’t land in there. If you still don’t have it, email us and we will resend it.


I cannot add items to the shopping cart.

Our shopping cart has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. As you add or remove items from your cart, you may need to wait a while for the cart to be updated (depending on your internet connection). Make sure your system meets the basic requirements.


How do I know my payment is successful?

You are given the choice to pay via credit card or Paypal at the final stage of the checkout process. Upon clicking the “Place order” button, you will be redirected to the ANZ bank (credit card) or Paypal website to make the payment. We do not process your payment. ANZ bank or Paypal will advise you if there is a problem with your credit card or Paypal account.

You will be redirected back to at the end of the payment process and our system will email you the receipt straight away once your payment is successful. If you have bought any digital product from us, the receipt will contain information on how to access them.

If you have made the payment but didn’t receive any confirmation email from us, please contact us.


I cannot log into my account.

Your account name is the email address that you registered with us when you’ve made the purchase.

If you have forgotten your password, reset it here. You can change your password again after you have logged in to My account.

If you have forgotten your email address, please contact us and we will need to run through some verification process.

Please note that if you type in the wrong email address and/or password 4 times, you will not be able to log in again for 10 mins.


I cannot download the ebook(s) that I’ve purchased.

You should be able to access the ebook download links in the “thankyou” page straight away after the payment is successful. The receipt should also contain the links.

If you can’t access the links to download your purchases, it could be that they have expired. In that case, login to my account and download them from there.


The course that I am subscribed to is about to expire. How can I extend it?

If you are subscribed to a course, you can see the course link under the “Available courses” section in my account. If your subscription has expired, you should see a “click here to extend” link beside the course name. Click on the link and follow through the checkout process.


I have other questions. How can I contact you?

Our contact details are here.

If you have a technical question, pleaes email us the following details:

– Your Operating System (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS 10.0)
– Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 23.0)
– What were you trying to do.
– The URL that you were trying to access.
– The time that the problem occurred.
– Any error messages that you saw.