www.salesessentials.com has been designed and built by an international & intercontinental team stemming from Australia, Germany, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand and Russia. We are a highly collegiate team and possess a ‘roll up the sleeves’ attitude and a willingness to get the job done. We are experienced, qualified business professionals with expertise in sales operations and:

sales, sales leadership and management, sales strategy, account management, customer service, organisational psychology, learning and development (facilitation, instructional design, classroom and online production), HR, coaching, sales coaching, sales consulting, job design, competency development, psychometrics and sales assessments, web design and IT.

The team behind the design and creation of Sales Essentials Online Program are skilled instructional designers, facilitators, trainers, coaches, web developers and IT specialist all with extensive experience in sales operations.

We always work with a local and global market place in mind.